Shared Media Volumes
  • 27 Jun 2024
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Shared Media Volumes

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Article summary

Be sure to complete the prerequisites, before beginning the configuration detailed below.

  1. Go to QUICK START> Add Node and click on Kubernetes.

  1. Follow the displayed instructions. Copy the commands to your bash console, to install a Volumez connector on your node. All available nodes will be listed in the table below. Then, click on finish.

  2. Go to STORAGE> Volumes and click on Create PVC.

  1. Define the following settings:

    1. Volume Name

    2. Type: Mounted XFS filesystem or Raw block device.

    3. Policy

    4. Volume Size

    5. Zone

  1. After filling in the fields, a YAML file will be generated. Copy it to your Kubernetes cluster, and apply the file to create the PVC.

As you can see in the YAML, in Shared Media mode, the volumeBindingMode is Immediate. The PVC is created right away without content, and is ready to be used, without waiting for the first consumer to request it.

In other words, when using shared media, the medias already exist and the volume uses them to serve the application/ pod based on the defined policy. There’s no need to wait for the first consumer to know where to launch.

The user can now select their volume and click on Create PVC Snapshot.

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